Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday, April 9, 2010

The death penalty

Each crime has a punishment. Sentences are different from each other depending on the types of crime committed by accused. The worst punishment is the death penalty. The death penalty applied in sixty- eight countries a round the world. Some people have a lot of opposition with the death penalty at the present time as they prefer life imprisonment to death, but in my opinion, I believe in capital punishment for many reasons.

Capital punishment is the killing of a person for criminal or political reasons and the death penalty carried out the death orders of the ruling or order often to get rid of accused person. Crimes that can result in a death penalty are known as capital crimes or capital offences. The Death Penalty is moral and just. Judicial death for the purpose of maintaining justice or righteousness is well established in human history. Some crimes any lesser punishment is inadequate as a matter of basic justice. In addition, murderer deserves death penalty because he has trespassed against the whole society by killing one of its members. The execution of murderer makes the killed parents more satisfied. That mean the death penalty prevents the revenge upon the people dead. For example, if someone killed one, the court should implement the death sentence for the killer before the parents kill him or her. Also, this punishment reduces and prevents occurrence of murder and the revenge because the killer would think that the penalty will accrue if he killed some one intentionally. Besides, an executed death sentence absolutely guarantees the killer will never kill again, a life sentence does not.

There are many cases of people killed by murderers who were paroled, escaped, killed within prison, or who arranged murders from within the prison. Furthermore, some religions allowed this punishment. Nowhere does the Bible repudiate capital punishment for premeditated murder; not only is the death penalty for deliberate killing of a fellow human being permitted, but it is approved and encouraged, and for any government that attaches at least as much value to the life of an innocent victim as to a deliberate murderer, it is ethically imperative. For example, in my religion, Islam there are many crimes for which the death penalty is justified like in lieu of an unjust and proven murder, life for life and apostasy from Islam after willingly accepting it….etc.

The capital punishment solves many problems in the society. In some cases, the rule of an unjust death sentence is unfair to some wrongly accused, but I think it is fair and equitable in all cases because this punishment will reduces and prevents the crimes in the society. I believe that an effective, enforced death penalty deters some murder.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The friendship and friends

There is a lot to talk about in every place and time of friendship and friends. In a humble way, all of us desperately need to a friend which we will have distinct and strong relationship based on sound of foundations. Friendship is the rare currency that it’s difficult to find a friend or to find who will deal easily with it. Friendship is the most beautiful things in life, but the friendship is etiquette that less people take it into account. Therefore, we often Find love turns to enmity, Friendship turns to hatred and hostility. If each of friends maintained the friendly ethics, there would have been the band between them. There are different kinds of friends, such as, loyal and sincere friend, hypocrite friend, and tow faces friend.

A true friend has many good qualities, such as, Loyalty, love, fidelity, and tolerance. Also true friend is the friend that stands with you during time of hardship, keeps thinking of your concerns, asks about you during the night and the morning, keeps the secret, and does good voluntarily without a cheap goal or material interest. This friend is happy when you’re happy and sad when you're sad. Also, this friend shares our grief, and he or she will be the Summit of the meet. In addition to that, true friend always with you, and helps you during your life, whether it’s hard or easy. For example, a true friend looks like a white rose in purity, serenity, and like a tree that has an old term, as real friendship stays to long just like a tree. He /she are a clear person, explicit in front of you and in front of everyone and pushes and encourage you to do things that belongs your interest. He has only one face and likes to see you in the best case. He or she does their best in order to satisfy you and to continue the friendship.

The hypocrite friend does not appreciate the meaning of word friendship and this friend has two faces. In addition to that, this kind of friend has negative qualities, such as, treachery, betrayal and deception. There are friends who love you for his interests, whatever the type of interest. This so-called provisional friend or a friend interested. This friend endorses person who finds his interest, since the friendship ends by the end of the interest. At the time of hardship hypocrite friend watch you from far away and probably will laugh about you. In addition to that, this friend will be happy in your sadness and malice you when he sees you happy. No matter how the hypocrite friend tries to hide the truth, the truth will reveal one day.

A friend has the qualities of positive and negative at the same time. There is a funny and wise friend who brings you happiness even a smile once and provides you advices and has experience in many things. At the same time, there is a Opposite friend in everything about you, such as educational level, age, social status, and physical, but he gives you another view of life and even makes you feel that it is not necessarily that when others who disagree with you in everything better than you, also make you feel it. The friend who does not always find around you and holds you affection and love, he is far from you and is only on special occasions. In addition, this friend does not exist only on the time of hardship and stands firmly with you until the end of your problem and then disappears again. If friend who has a friend he or she has a lot of finest, keep it more. Some friends who have a lot of finest, most of the people will keep them and help them to get rid of the negative qualities. On the other hand, if some friends who has a lot of evil and difficult to change and relieving them of the negative attributes, the best way is to ignore them.

There's sincere friend and hypocrite friend. Whatever you mixed it in the selection of your friends, deceived in some of them, thought they were loyal friends and found the opposite to you, the days are the ones that will reveal to you the fact that this faithful friend or a liar. In the end, not all friends are true friends and friends are not all hypocrites. You must pick your friends and stick to a good friend who has a good mineralization and away from all that is malignant.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Be Sucessful Person to get Sucessful Life

Success is different from person to person. The desires for success with a strong will are the first steps on the success. Every success in life begins first creative ideas, then faith in the ideas, then work to implement them, and this is the right path for success. Success is integrated in a balanced life, your personal, your career, your health and your physical and especially spiritual life. We need to know the ways to be successful in the life in all area of life especially with student.

Successful person is one of the paints his own life and make a decision that is in control of his life. Success is great sweep the owner a sense of inner happiness on their achievements. A successful person is overcome failure and is able to reconcile all aspects of life and sets goals and makes every effort to achieve them. Person can find examples of successful people who achieved their dream. However, by prioritizing, by setting practical long-term goals and by achieving them through short-term goals, for example, students can accomplish what they dream.

In the future, the life of a successful person will be stable, comfortable and safe with his family full of happiness. They will be familiar with all the skills that related to their profession, commitment in all matters and continuous improvement in all areas of life. Every people have to be responsible because the responsibility is to know that your success in life comes across your perception of your decisions regarding the priorities and your time and abilities.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Funny Comedy movie "Great beans of China"

"Great beans of China"is a movie comedy relative to the name of Great Wall of China. The movie's events revolve under comedy around Mohi who gets involved in going to China, where he is a cooking contest and win a trip to China, and he does not know anything in this world. When he goes to China, he faces many problems and comic situations. Mohi is very scared men and his family want him to be brave and strong men.

His grandfather sent old man to be thief and enter mohi's room to see what his grandson will do if he faces robber. When the thief entered, Mohi heard him but he remained on his bed with eyes closed. The robber started looking all over the room and under the bed may Mohi notice him. Although the theif didn't carry any weapon such as a gun or a knife, Mohi didn't resist the theif and just started to open and close his eyes quickly. When the thief saw Mohi, he said" you are awake!!" , Mohi replied "no I'm not I am still a sleep" and he started snoring. The theif went back shouting and said " you still awake" then Mohi said "I could not sleep in the dark

The most funny part, when the thief was looking around the room to steal the money and he had a cough and coughed strongly, Mohi called him and said "uncle, uncle there is a medicine for cough on the desk" Then the thief drank all the medicine in a single drinking. In addition, Mohi called the theif and said "don't tire youself, there are money in my grandfather's room". After that the robber spoke with a loud voice " where is your grandfather's room" he said. Mohi replyed "shut up and lower your voice to no one caught you". After that he told him where the room.

This movie is the funniest comedy movie I ever saw. Also, it won many awards. This part of the scene makes me laugh because of the funny style of actor in the formulation of speech and behavior. I saw this movie more than once and I still see it so far.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The foundling

News to find the bastard child that has been disposed of through pointer in the streets, is no longer the surprise of people afte the recurrence of incidents from time to time. Complex problem is that these children don't know their parents and their titles and don't have an evidence of their identity live a deafening silence. Also, community didn't dare to talk about them and prosecute them as part of te mistakes of adults, children have no identity and he future. The repeated to find these children and the reason for the spread of this indicates that there is a new pattern of worng social relations. That lead to the birth o children out of life to bear the nameofthe bastard instead of their right to access to the name just like andy other child.

There are no official statistics the number of foundlings in our community in Yemen despite the spread of this phenomeon, especially in major cities as evidenced bythe reports of stakeholdres and found repeated incidnts of babies from time to time. This is due to lack of specialzed studies.
The charity is the house of orphanage and foundling and it is responsible for them contribute to these associations in the house these orphans and foundlings, and recued them from homelessness in the alleys and streets. This assembly is working to provide services to all needy, includng orphans and foundlings. It covered them by the care and training and provide them with comfort and confidence so that they can ntegrate in to the society and always looked so active members interacing in it. Our commuinty contributd indirectly in the care of orphans and foundling through these chrities spread across the soil of our contry.

The phonomenon of foundling in our community linked to several factors, including forms that linked t categories of aliens, refugees and nationalities and don't know the meaning of the principles, nor the weight ofmorality, and many of them are connected to crimes of hoor and the weakness of religious morals. The poverty is one of the first reasons that drove the girls to the streets. Foundlings are humanitarian issue and must be addressed in every community that has its victims. The foundling is partof these errors, whenever community denie it, their feeling increased marginalization, suffering and the bahavior of crime.